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Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Kershaw Leek


Ships within 2-3 business days

$ 24.00

Custom hand made titanium deep carry pocket clip for Kershaw Leek, it's made of 6al-4v titanium. The clip comes with 2 T6 Stainless Torx Screws (Knife is not included).

This Pocket Clip Fits 

  • Kershaw Leek (Not able to use the tip safety lock)
  • Kershaw Blur
  • Kershaw Shallot

      Customer Reviews

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      Perfect fit and can still use the lock if you choose to...

      Great Blue Clip/Fast Shipping

      Man, am I the last guy on earth 🌏 who doesn’t own a Kershaw Leek!
      I think I was—but not any more! And just for kicks since I got a black blade/blue-colored Leek, I ordered a blue deep-carry clip.
      I will’s not AS deep as some clips that I own due to the design of this knife, if you carry tip-up as I do all knives.
      I really dig it. The black powder coat would also have looked good with this black blade but I want some blue on my blue jeans, today. When I wear black jeans I’ll carry my PM 2 with deep carry black clip. That clip took a month to arrive. Like all clips on Etsy or Amazon. They have to smelt the metal, etc, send it from China 🇨🇳 (not really—at least not Pop’s on Etsy), but don’t look for it in April if you order today! MXG—I Paypal them money, they act like they owe me something and mail it toMORRow! Received in three days. Dude. Fastest ever for a clip. Thank you!
      Would recommend to a friend. I wish they allowed pics—this baby knife is sweet! Fast & Black & Blue, like me.

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